What Is Cryolipolysis?



With sedentary lifestyles and imbalanced eating habits, one of the biggest problems many people experience these days is  bad health caused by excess weight. Even though  millions of people around the world  address their issues ofphysical appearance caused by fat tissues in and surrounding the waist and thigh areas of the body, liposuction, which requires surgery, was the only way for spot reduction until recently. However, today with the aid of Cryolipolysis (Cold Lipolysis), it is now possible to get rid of unwanted fat on many  body parts without surgery, medication or pain. Amazingly, this can be accomplished in one session.

 The Cryolipolysis (cryogenic reduction) method is a non-surgical intervention. With the help of a special machine, fat tissue is heated followed by a shock cooling. At the end of this procedure, membrane tissue around fat cells is resolved. After this procedure, which has effects only on fat cells and is harmless to any tissue surrounding them, the melting membrane tissue is destroyed and sucked by macrophages, also known as the body’s garbagemen. This method, which was developed based on the fact that fat cells subjected to cold undergo a programmed cell death, was developed by world-renowned Harvard Medical School dermatologists and approved by the FDA in 2009.

With up to 40% of fat tissue, reduction between 5 to 13 cm is possible with this method treated on almost every spot on the body except for bony ones. It’s possible get serious results on body parts with high fat tissue, such as thighs, waist, hips, back and arms.

Once sessions lasting between 30 minutes to one hour are complete,there is no deformation or collapse thanks to cold vacuum effect, and the treated person can return to a typical routine the following day! Lasting changes can be made even with just one session; and after a month observable changes are present. While a single session is all that is needed for the majority of people, for those with a denser fat layer, a second session is possible after one month.

Scientific data based on extensive research shows that, it is possible to say that with today’s technology, Cryolipolysis is the best non-surgical method in fat reduction treatment.