Targeted Fat Loss, Fat Removal


The only condition to lose weight is the difference between calories taken and calories spent. If calories taken daily are more than those spent, it is possible to lose weight. Even someone feeding on desert has more calories spent than taken, there’s weight loss. However, in this manner, the way body gains weight is going to be almost completely in the form of fat. Reasons for fat in our body are living a sedentary life and a bad diet, as in this example. In other words, just losing weight is not enough for becoming fit and nice; the matter is losing weight from fat tissues not from muscles.

Is Spot Reduction Possible?

As mentioned at the introduction, it is possible to burn fat tissues with exercise and a well-balanced diet, but one cannot decide from what part of the body it will be. For example, someone who uses only her/his legs doesn’t only burn the fat on the legs. The body’s genes decide from which part of the body fat will be burned. But, in this phase, the process works backwards. That is to say, if the fats on thighs were gained before the fats on hands, the body starts to burn from the hands and the fats on thighs are deferred.

Since the fats on waist and hip areas are the first gained, they’re stubborn and require a true professional exercise regimen and diet. Most people fail in these and go on in life with an unwanted appearance.

 Today, it’s possible to consult a remarkable treatment, Cryolipolysis, which is able to make these stubborn fats go away in a few sessions. İt involves a non-surgical operation without pain. Spot reduction is possible in a one-hour session with this FDA-approved procedure. Saying, “Cryolipolysisis the only method in this matter in today’s technology except for surgical operations,” won’t be wrong at all.

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