Losing Weight after Giving Birth


The most special moment for a mother is possibly the moment she embraces her baby. One of the topics mothers give importance from the day their pregnancy is first learned is diet. Weight gained during pregnancy can be permanent after the birth, both as a result of abnormal release of hormones and overeating of the mother thinking the baby may need it.

How to lose wieght that has been gained during pregnancy
In this regard, experts warn against a wrong diet after giving birth. This will not only slow down the recovery process of the mother but also deprive the baby from getting enough breast milk. As a result, in this period, it is wrong to decide without getting help from a dietitian.

The priority should be following a balanced diet program and exercise for losing weight gained during pregnancy. But there’s a detail mothers should keep in mind: it is possible to lose weight even when breast-feeding.

About 100 calories of energy is spent for the production of about 100 ml of breast milk. If we consider 500-600 ml breastfeeding mothers, a 500-600 calories of energy deficit is possible; and this is quite a good energy deficit for a woman who needs an average of 2000 calories daily. That is to say, it is possible to lose the weight gained during pregnancy with a well-balanced diet.

Starting exercising with the company of an expert after a few weeks later from the birth is also significant for a balanced weight loss since changing dietary habits will not be sufficient in order to burn the fat tissues gathered around the hips and waist. While exercise makes it possible to burn most of these, for the rest, it may be necessary to consult to spot reduction treatments.

Which Practices Can Be Used for Spot Reduction/Local, Targeted Fat Removal
Two methods, liposuction and cryolipolysis, are approved and accepted today. However, liposuction is a surgical treatment; cryolipolysis, on the other hand, offers a solution only in one session and it is non-surgical so there is no need for getting upset about fats.

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