How to Lose Belly and Abdominal Fats


If you don’t exercise and have a balanced diet, most of the weight gained will be stored around your belly as fat. Since belly is the first address for fats, it is the last area for fats to be burned. As a result, burning the fat around the belly is torture for most people and they will eventually fail.

What Should I Do to Burn Belly Fat?

  • Stay away from foods, such as white flour, sugar and other processed food.
  • Provide the need for carbohydrates from complex carbohydrates, such as whole wheat flour, oat, lentil and chickpeas.
  • Watch your daily calorie intake and make a calorie deficit that is 20% of thyoure daily need.
  • Get professional help; exercise as well as weight train.
  • Supply your fat need from quality fat sources, such as natural olive oil, almonds, walnuts, coconut oil, avocado and without cooking.
  • Eat mainly on proteins.
  • Be patient since abdominal fats are usually the last to burn.
  • Don’t think that fat around your waist can be burned only by doing crunches. The body will decide where to burn fat from. First gained fat is burned lastly; newly gained fat is burned first. Sit-ups only help enlarge the abdominal muscles underneath the fat tissue, and will not be noticeable since they’re covered by fat.

 I Can’t Burn Belly Fat

If you have exercised and followed a well-balanced diet, and stubborn fats are confined around your belly and you’re thin, you shouldn’t go on on the same direction anymore. You have a mistake somewhere; you are either not exercising as it should be or not following the right diet. Be careful; this may even damage your health.

If you’re on the last step and want to get rid of the last fats around your belly since they’re not aesthetic, Cryolipolysis procedure can be helpful. Spot fat reduction is possible without anesthesia and surgery with this method applied onto the skin. By means of this FDA-approved system with shock treatment you are going to have the appearance you desire.

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