Alternative for Liposuction: Lipolysis


Another issue caused by  sedentary lifestyle and imbalanced diets is excessive fat storage in the body. Following a strict diet is not the only way of getting rid of these fats. It is often necessary to seek professional help and supplement with exercise. Otherwise, no matter how much weight you lose, it’s sometimes impossible to get rid of  fats in some body areas, and this is partly due to genetic reasons. Liposuction, a mostly preferred method in recent years, attracts considerable attention; however, it’s a painful and troublesome practice.

How Liposuction Works
Liposuction is the removal of stubborn fat tissues in  a targeted area of the body, and it is a procedure with an aesthetic, or beautifying, purpose other than weight loss; it is also known to be a practice that is troublesome and risky.

Local or general anesthesia is required before liposuction treatment, and surgical holes on the skin must be made which are wide enough for a cannula to remove fat tissues. It is sometimes necessary to inject special solutions into a patient’s body to  control bleeding and quicken the recovery period.

Recovery after Liposuction
Difficulties and risks associated with liposuction extend beyond the procedure itself and can last for several weeks. Patients may need to stay in the hospital the first day, and will not be able to resume typical daily activities for up to 2-3 weeks. It takes several months for the body to “smooth out” the deformations caused by the removal of fat tissue and to regain its natural shape. Liposuction’s popularity despite these disadvantageswas due to the absence of an alternative method. But now, the eyes of the world are focusing on the fantastic superiority of Cryolipolysis!

The Advantages of Lipolysis over Liposuction
Both liposuction and lipolysis aim to reduce fat tissue on targeted spots of the body. However,the process people experience during and after the treatment bring the advantages of Cryolipolysis to the forefront. Notably, with Cryoliplolysis:

  • There is no need for surgical intervention;the procedure is carried out on the skin.
  • There is no need for taking medication for general anesthesia and operation.
  • It is possible to return to daily life only 1 day after
  • No pain during and after the treatment unlike liposuction.
  • And, with Cyroliplolysis, the body regains its natural appearance more immediately.